General Health // Black Cumin Seed Oil

Many of you will have heard me singing (haha) the praises of Black Cumin Seed Oil this month.

I started to take this oil for health reasons originally, in attempt to lessen my allergies. However, in doing so I’ve benefitted – unexpectedly – so much more!

Black Cumin seed has been said to cure ‘everything except death’ and appears to have been recommended frequently throughout history.

So far, I’ve discovered that my immune system does seem to be much stronger. The coughs and colds shared at this time of year have been absent thus far and my allergies have improved vastly: I am slowly but carefully introducing foods I have been unable to eat since 2013 back into my diet, which I find nothing short of amazing.

Personally, I find the nutty flavour to be very distinct and quite enjoyable. I realise that it may not be for everyone (as it’s not necessarily pleasant eating a teaspoon of oil), but I have used the oil on my breakfast, my lunchtime salads or as a garnish on top of soups, which means it doesn’t have to only be eaten by the spoonful after all! There are also Black Cumin Seed Vege-Capsules (500Mg) available (though it was quite tricky to find a vegetarian option and I’ve not tried these capsules myself).

I can’t confirm whether or not the oil will work for you – but to everyone who feels in need of a health boost, I highly recommend trying it out once a day, every day, for a couple of months. I think it’s wonderful and hope it helps you too!

Be happy and healthy 🙂

Kate xx

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