Change // A New Name

Not only is the season changing, but so has my name.

Post marriage, I’ve had a couple of weeks to decide whether to keep my maiden name (Kate Thomson /kjthomson) or use my married name (Kate Cubley /katecubley) for my vocal coaching business.

After much deliberation – and you’ve probably guessed by the title of this post – I have opted to use my married name: Kate Cubley

Henceforth, I will be using /katecubleyvocalcoach as my handle for my various social media outlets and updating my SEO and contact pages accordingly.

If you’ve found me through a K. J. Thomson link, don’t worry – you’re still in the right place for singing lessons 🙂

If you already follow me, you won’t need to do anything different. If you would like to follow me, the links are below.

Changes will be gradual as I’m hopeful that I won’t lose too much of my original ‘kjthomsonvocalcoach’ SEO and I hope to maintain my lovely following of fellow bloggers.

Thanks so much for bearing with me during this change!

See you soon and please keep in touch ❤

Kate Cubley




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