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“For many years I wanted to have a professional opinion about my singing but was always a little doubtful about claims made on numerous websites about how your voice could be dramatically improved, etc. etc. etc. no doubt many people have heard the same old claims.

I decided to take the plunge and see if there was a local voice coach who could have a listen to me and give me some advice.

I came across Kate’s website and contacted her and went to my first session – eek!

Well, I can tell you I had absolutely nothing to worry about because Kate is great, very friendly and she put me at my ease immediately. As the weeks went by I could tell that the coaching was really working and more importantly so could others. My confidence grew and I was singing at every opportunity with my new found confidence and excitement.

If you are thinking about having voice coaching I can tell you that Kate is the best and you won’t regret a single moment.”

Kevin Lovatt, Fustian

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“Kate didn’t teach me to sing but she helped to teach me how to create space in my lines and access parts of my voice I didn’t know I had through breathing, technique, concentration and a thoughtful mind.”

Steven Dale, Moitessier