Singing in the Rain – An Update

Well, I don't know about you, but I sort of feel like I've been waiting for summer to happen? Each week I mutter something about, "the heat will be here soon - it'll soon be shorts weather..." or some other hope fuelled comment in the same vein. But, then the warmth never really made it … Continue reading Singing in the Rain – An Update

Singing Workshop with Kate Cubley, Singing Performance, Vocal Technique

PerfTecLy Completed

In March, I began a workshop for vocalists to learn ways to improve singing performance and provide a deeper understanding vocal technique. We had our last session of the course on Wednesday. We all had a tremendous time during the past 10 weeks, working on a multitude of different singing technique and performance ideas. The feedback has unanimously been requesting more sessions … Continue reading PerfTecLy Completed