6 reasons you should take up singing after 50

  1. Singing keeps your brain active: learning new skills is an engaging and enriching experience and singing is scientifically proven to keep you feeling young
  2. As well as feeling young, singing may help stave off the mental and physical symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, keeping your motor and memory abilities in great shape
  3. Singing has other awesome health benefits too: it provides a good workout for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  4. You’ll have a fab excuse to keep using your voice – this is especially important if you’re living alone or when you’re socialising less (in times such as lockdown!)
  5. If you sang pre-50, you could sing something different now. Our voices change and mature throughout life so you may discover that you can hit notes now that you were unable to get before, and vice versa, thus opening up a whole new collection of repertoire to explore
  6. Keep social! With singing, you could join a local choir: Choirs are a great way to meet people and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to perform too!

Singing is a wonderful activity with no age or ability restriction. The feeling of personal development and achievement is always rewarding 

Are you considering taking up a new hobby? Do you want to rekindle a love of music? Or have you joined a singing group during lockdown? Tell us your stories in the comments below.

Photo by Kampus Production

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