What’s on offer?

Whether you’re looking for personal satisfaction, a new hobby, or you want support in your career. There are many reasons to book a professional vocal coach. Click the headings to learn more 🙂

Singing Lessons

One to one tuition tailored especially to your vocal needs.

Online Lessons

Professional voice lessons, delivered via Zoom.

Professional Speaking Voices

Teachers, presenters, politicians, sales staff, actors, receptionists, company directors and comedians list just some of my spoken voice clients. I can help you prepare for the big events or simply help you take care of your voice as you perform your day to day role.

Singing Workshops

Programmes based on a specific theme, designed and delivered especially for the client. Previous engagements include: The Voice Geek Conference, The Musicians Union, Stoke Sings!, BAST, iSingMag and IRIS.

Singing Choirs Crewe Choir Leader


A rewarding opportunity to sing in harmony with others. The health benefits from group singing are exceptional including boosting ‘happy’ endorphins and reducing stress. You get to make plenty of friends on the way too!

Masterclasses & Group Lessons

Affordable small group lessons are held monthly and offer the chance for you to learn more about your voice. All participants have the opportunity to participate in the masterclass – pre-booking required.

Singing on stage, performers at Summer Vibez 2019


All students are offered regular opportunities to perform in musical, film or stage events in the local area, and beyond. From Cabaret Nights to all singing all dancing concert finale’s – or recording for online events. There’s always a little something to work towards.

Leah Turay wins open mic 2020

Auditions and Exams

I prepare students for successful auditions and examinations. Whether you dream of being the next TV talent show sensation, getting your place at a specialist music college, work in the West End or get the part in the local musical. Every vocalist has a different dream and I’m here to help you achieve yours.

Performance Coaching

Get your audience on their feet by taking your performances to the next level. Whatever your genre, whatever your style, deliver something special and keep your audiences coming back time and again.

Technique Coaching

Good vocal technique is paramount when performing regularly. Longevity and stamina keep you going night after night; balance, energy and ease keep you (literally!) aligned with healthy habits; exercises develop your musicality, understanding, pitch control and agility – all whilst increasing your confidence and presentation.

Artist Development

As an accredited coach, I am qualified to bring out the best in YOU! If you are serious about a career in music I can help you develop the confidence, skill and knowledge you will need, alongside strategising the best way for you to get to where you want to be.

Beginners to Advanced

I work with self-confessed non-singers, total beginners, happy improvers and gigging pros. Whatever your level, I’m here to help.


Many recording artists recognise the value of having their vocal coach beside them when laying down tracks at the studio. Having your coach on hand and knowing who you’re working with all help you to get the best from your studio experience. I am a regular guest vocal coach at Foxbarn Studios in Cheshire.

Teacher Mentoring

I am a Senior Lecturer and Tutor on the MA Pathway at Voice Study Centre. I spend my days working with the most incredible voice teachers from all around the world! If you need a mentor to chat to as you start or build your own singing teaching practice, I am here for just that!

Coaching for Creatives

If you need someone to guide you as you start out on your own business venture, I’m a trained coach and have successfully helped many budding entrepreneurs take the leap of faith into the world of freelance and self-employment.

Gift Certificates

People love giving, and people love receiving! Give a gift certificate for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, Valentine’s Day and even for weddings! Singing Gift Certificates are hugely popular and I offer discounts for multiple lessons too.