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Stoke Sings! March 2021 – Singing, Emotion & Primal Sound

As I continue to arrange and host singing workshops throughout the UK, I have seen first hand how singing can massively impact large groups of students for the better. During workshops, we learn about rhythm & pulse within music, we learn how to sing in tune and often in harmony or canon, but it’s not only the music that shines through. Children and adults are naturally willing to share, to be involved, to be part of a team, to put their hand up and ask questions and will very often grow in confidence.

Working with the voice and body gives every participant a chance to play and experiment with making noise. Stronger singers and musicians always seem to be willing to help and guide their peers and I’ve even witnessed the shy participants finding the courage to speak (or sing!) up where they may have been less willing before.

Music has the ability to influence learning and education in school, as well as being a brilliant event for team building in a business environment. For starters, it’s fun! Being fun usually means that people are happy to get involved right from the outset.

Singing workshops are able shape the way we learn and the way we work together. Memorising lines of a song by heart, discovering the wonderful voice we each have within us, clapping, beating rhythms, not being afraid to be really loud or even speaking up, making up stories, using our imagination to make harmonies and write lyrics are just some of the incredible creative elements that can happen in a workshop.

The beauty of each project is that no group of singers is the same as another and every group learns their own lessons at their own pace.

Boosting the creativity of young learners is so important and can positively impact on a childs behaviour in other class environments or even in everyday life itself.

For adults, being a part of a workshop can break down barriers, help forge new friendships and boost morale amongst teams. It also provides community for workers who might usually work individually.

Singing Workshops UK, May 2018

Your Voice | Singing Workshop. Birmingham, 2018

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