Singing Lessons

One-to-one tuition in both Cheshire and London.

I provide singing tuition, voice and performance coaching to a variety of students. Whether you are an absolute beginner, an actor, musician, songwriter or a professional singer requiring greater focus on technique, I am always excited to work with anybody who is curious about their own voice, anyone who has a passion for singing or anyone who simply wants to find out what their voice can do.

The studios each provide a safe singing environment so that the foundations for good study and building the singing voice are already in place. Lessons are always planned based on the specific needs of an individual. A lesson structure will naturally change depending on who is there to learn and what they would like to learn.

Typical requests include:

  • Vocal Technique
  • Body Alignment
  • Voice Health
  • Personal Aspirations
  • Breathing
  • Classical Voice
  • Contemporary and Popular Singing
  • Reaching High Notes
  • Avoiding the natural voice ‘break’ or ‘passaggio’ between high and low registers
  • Public Speaking
  • Building Confidence
  • Fun
  • Performance
  • Song Interpretation & Emotion
  • Improvisation & Creativity
  • Artist Mentoring
  • Artist Development
  • Professional Guidance
  • How to warm-up the voice
  • Vocal Development
  • Industry Start-Up Mentoring

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In every singing lesson I will be listening to your personal vocal qualities and will work with you to improve and sustain your unique sound, whilst simultaneously increasing your confidence as a singer and continually maintaining good vocal health.

Learning to sing takes a lot of dedication, persistence and plenty of practice so be prepared to continue your efforts, exercises and enjoyment at home. With these efforts you will discover that when you are equipped with the right knowledge and when guided by a professional vocal coach your voice can be completely transformed. Being able to understand your own voice and how it works means that you can truly explore the depths (and heights!) of your own voice and discover new limits.  You will then be able to really express yourself to your full ability.

Lessons are always designed to the specific needs of an individual and the lesson structure for every session will naturally change depending on the student. This usually depends on the reasons a student would like to learn, a focus on certain singing techniques or the specific requirements of that pupil.

Coaching Fees:

Please contact me for the latest prices and availability and to book an initial consultation. Lesson duration may be 25 minutes, 55 minutes or more and may be in person or online.

Cheshire Studio: 

  • Weston, CW2 (Good access from Crewe Railway Station and from M6 J16)

The studio is equipped with:

  • KRK Speakers with input for phone, tablet or laptop
  • Mics, stands and amps
  • A weighted keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Comfortable seating
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Drinks

If you’re still unsure, then see what some of my students say about me.

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