Coaching & Mentoring

I am an accredited Level 7 Coach and Mentor specialising in helping clients find their focus whilst being an advocate for positive change, strategy and growth. I work with talented minds who need support to level-up in their career or business.

My clients mainly include singers and teachers who are business owners, creators, freelancers and professionals who aspire to develop their skills in both life and work.

By applying clear, achievable practice to upgrade your daily habits, you will be able to create harmony in your work-life balance and accomplish real results.

I love to guide creative individuals in their own unique evolutionary process. I guide you to discover your personal values, define your true goals and explore your absolute truths. Together we can implement conscious strategies that leave a lasting impression.

In order to grow we must first plant the seed.

I provide powerful coaching and mentoring programmes, depending on my clients’ personal needs. However, the key principles that underpin most of my coaching and mentoring practice remain consistent:


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By setting clear goals we determine our destination. It helps us work out our preferred strategy of how we can get from A to B. That is; what steps must we take so we can achieve our dreams.


Recognising what we already have is vital in helping us move forward. It strokes our ego and boosts our confidence whilst simultaneously spotlighting what we are striving to achieve next. This awareness helps us see the possibility of what could be, thus allowing us to be ready to seize the right opportunities when they come our way.


In regularly reviewing how far we have come, we simultaneously highlight what we have been doing well. We can repeat what was good, and also determine what we would have liked to have done differently. By being receptive to change, by allowing ourselves to make mistakes or to be imperfect, we allow ourselves to restart this iterative cycle, to try new ideas, make improvements and refocus on what is important, helping us to grow.

These basic principles are applied to all singing and vocal coaching sessions as standard. Coaching sessions are available as a separate service for voice professionals who want to improve their efficacy and flow in other areas of their life and work.