Online Lessons

I made the decision in early 2015 to join the e-learning community and offer singing lessons online, using Skype or Zoom. Five years later and the whole world moved online as well.

Skype singing lessons, distance learning for the voice

I provide effective online coaching for students including tuition, mentorship and advice to singers and public speakers around the world, in ‘pre-covid’ times, online lessons would also be used for singers who are unwell enough to travel to the studio or to singers on tour or gigging away from home.

I have personally researched the efficacy of online singing lessons uncovering a variety of pros and cons of the medium. The conclusion was that, providing both student and teacher are aware of the potential drawbacks when learning to sing online, then the lessons can be as effective as lessons in person.

If you would like to learn more about my research or want to discover how you can take your own singing business online, please contact me.

All Skype / Zoom singing lessons are conducted in English.

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