Congratulations to all following another successful school year!

It’s been an extraordinarily busy two months since the beginning of June: graded exams, auditions, concerts, competitions, performances, recitals and even moving to a new county have all been part of the grind over here. It’s been a whirlwind of excitement and enjoyment for all involved and I’m extremely proud of everybody’s achievements this academic year. I can’t even begin to describe some of the impeccable talent I’ve witnessed these past few months, I’m so very proud to be working with you and look forward to so much more of the same in future.

Singing lessons in Cheshire

Next term, many of you are embarking on new beginnings: The University of Chester, LIPA, The RNCM Juniors, VI Form College, and even those of you in Year 6 just about to go to High School. I want to wish every single one of you the most wonderful journey on your new respective adventures and let you know what a delight it has been working with each and every one of you throughout this year.

Not only that, but every one of you deserves a huge congratulations really, goals set at the beginning of the year have frequently not only been achieved, but excelled far beyond what you set out to do. I’m so happy for you all: a massive well done – I’m looking forward to see what happens over the next 6 months now!

In other news, all of my regular private students are already aware of the recent location change from Newcastle over to Crewe, and many have already visited too. Firstly, thank you all for bearing with me and singing in empty echo-y rooms in both houses! For those of you who have not booked a lesson during the past few weeks, I’m so happy to announce the new studio officially open for business. I will be teaching from the all new studio henceforth and as promised, from September I will also extend my teaching hours later in to the evening, so that I can accomodate more of you after school and work.

I am still teaching over the school holidays this year so if you would like to book in for any extra sessions, please just let me know. My mobile reception is limited over here so as usual, text is the best way to guarantee a response!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Happy Summer!


PS. If you should so wish, you can even ‘Check In’ on facebook too…

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