Workshop | Introduction to Studio Singing

I’m absolutely thrilled to be partnering up with established producer Daniel J. Logan to offer a unique series of workshops. Together, we will be sharing our collective experience working with professional vocalists, including awesome industry tips and tricks to make the most of your voice and the most of your time in the studio.

Finding a quality music producer and a clean, pleasant studio with great recording equipment is difficult to do at an affordable price. Add your vocal coach to the mix, and the cost creeps up even further which puts many musicians off from even trying.

By working together, Dan and I are able to offer a really affordable workshop providing awesome information to maximise the efficiency of your studio time. What can the technology give you? Why do you need an experienced producer? What do you really need in your vocals to achieve the most from your take? Why should you warm-up before singing? How can you use a combination of vocal technique, studio knowledge and good production in tandem, in order to achieve the best sound for your track.

Saturday 24th November 2018 | Orchard Studios, Cheshire | £95 | 10am – 5pm

There are only 10 places on this course and with our early bird price at £75 for a full day, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck!

Book online via Eventbrite (plus booking fee) or contact me directly to secure your space and pay via BACS.

Dan J Logan, Kate Cubley, Voice, Sound, Musicians

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