Voice Geek Conference 2019

The Voice Geek Conference 2019 was the sequel to Kerrie Obert’s fantastic 2 day extravaganza hosted by Voice Workshop. Kerrie had flown in from Ohio State to share her recent research with us and WOW was it interesting!

You’d think that 2 days with Kerrie would be hard to beat, but I’ve got to say that when Debbie Winter at Voice Workshop gets going – she is able to deliver some of the most extraordinary projects, events and general voice geek happenings. The Voice Conference was no different and provided 2 jam-packed days of new research, voice pedagogy, best practice and the most amazing crowd of likeminded practitioners to meet with and share ideas. The wealth and breadth of voice research currently being undertaken is astounding – and that’s just what I heard from those of us who were there.

If you missed it you missed out!

On Sunday afternoon, I too was able to take to the stage and share my desktop research about Singers’ with Allergies. Building awareness of the importance of working safely with allergy sufferers and providing ideas of what both teachers and students can try in their own studio to maintain good health. I was blown away with the lovely comments afterwards from all those there who also suffer with allergies and who said they were going to try out these new ideas themselves. That is ultimately what these events are all about!


I know I took away with me a vat of ideas that I’ve been utilising with students in my studio here since the end of April – with thanks to everyone who shared all their great insights and experiences that weekend at the conference!

Our singing community is such a glorious place to be, so welcoming and humbling all at once – there is such a wealth of wonderful teacher knowledge out there and I encourage you to get involved wherever you can. Sharing and working with the singer/teacher community to improve our respective practice and wider knowledge has the biggest impact on our students and singers of the future. Plus, it’s great fun too!

I hope to see you somewhere soon! Kate x

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