Come on in!

A very warm welcome to this web log. My intention for this media at the outset is to share thoughts, quotes, pictures and inspiration for singers whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re a well established professional.

I hope for it to stand as a friendly, professional and informative site that is readily available for everybody to access without prejudice. Within these pages, I will share advice and best practices for improving yourself as a singer and musician. I would like to share the research of others, by reblogging or sharing links to other research developments and when reaching out to peers I hope we can log an accumulated wealth of knowledge to encourage everybody to consider singing as part of their lives.

I will also share with you my own work, details of lessons, workshops and maybe even videos, links and other media along the way.

Let’s see how the project develops – it may not end up being anything like I’ve planned as anything can change. So I keep in mind that learning, practicing and then developing and adapting are the key to success in almost every walk of life.

If you’ve found this post in 2014, then I’m happy already, as my social following proves greater than I imagined: Thank you for your support!

Welcome to the next chapter in the story and growth of Kate Cubley Vocal Coach (formerly K. J. Thomson Vocal Coach). I hope that as this site develops, you too feel inspired, you feel confident, and you feel ready to get up and sing on your own (both metaphorically and literally!) I’ll see you soon.

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