Silly Thursday Tongue Twisting // “Only the Lonely”

Here’s a vocal warm up to try at home (perhaps only when you’re feeling lonely?)

As with all tongue twisters, be really careful to pronounce the words properly. The word ‘THE’ in this particular twist can be a pitfall for many.

Only the Lonely STTT KJThomson Vocals Voice Singing

It’s easy after a few quick repetitions to come out with something that sounds like:

“Only le lonely”


“Only ne nonely”

If you’re struggling, slow everything right down and speak it at an easily managable pace. Once you can confidently and accurately speak through it, try singing it. You could start on an A and sing up or down an octave with a different note for each line, for example.

When you can do this, pick it up a gear by speaking through the words faster, then singing through faster until you end up with something awesome and slightly crazy!

If you want to record yourself having a go, don’t forget to use the hashtag #STTT or #sillyThursdaytonguetwisting

Have fun, good luck and happy twisting!

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