UE Boom Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Portable Speakers for Peri’ Teachers

UE Boom Bluetooth Wireless Speaker ReviewA regular question I am asked by fellow teachers, by students and even parents of students is regarding the small but amazing speaker that I endlessly carry around in my handbag. It comes almost everywhere with me and it is fondly referred to as ‘The Boom’.

It’s real name is the UE BOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker and you can buy one right here for your very self: UE BOOM Wireless Speaker

Update: The speaker modelled in the blog images here is now discontinued and has been replaced by the UE BOOM 2.

Why do I like it?

1) It sounds good – seriously, you wouldn’t imagine that something so small could pack so much punch! It has it’s limitations of course at the top end and in terms of volume, but I can’t fault it for both it’s capability to span across genres and its full, noisy middle range (which is perfect to sing with…)

2) It is portable – it’s small and fairly lightweight too. Furthermore, it’s both splashproof and bashproof. I do not keep it in a special case, I just throw it in my handbag along with folders of music, bottles of water and the kitchen sink, and whilst it does shows signs of wear after a full year of bruising thus far, it still proves itself as a robust piece of equipment and continues to be performing as well now as the day I bought it.

3) It works via bluetooth which negates the need for wires. I personally find this really convenient. Additionally, it’s really easily compatible with my students’ mobile devices, as well as my own. This way, students can easily share a recording of themselves, play new music they’ve found or even bring their own backing track to sing along with.

4) It works with wires too! If you have some of that old-fashioned retro equipment that requires wires, you can plug and play with ‘The Boom’. Remember not to throw too much ampage at it though, so you don’t break it’s little heart. It’s good, but it’s not capable to deal with full scale insanity.

UE Boom Review Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

5) The Colour – I know this is bordering on ridiculous, but I love the colour. I chose pink, but there are loads of funky colour choices available. Check the new colours out here.

6) I know with electronics everybody worries about the battery life. I’ve ran out of battery twice in a year and am pretty sporadic at charging up – I don’t charge it every night but do use it every day. It also has the great capability of providing hours of entertainment at outdoor BBQ’s in summer. A great excuse to buy it, irrespective of its portability because in Britain we know that the sunshine is always just around the corner…

Best news for you is that the product has been reduced on Amazon since I bought mine last year so you can get one for a very reasonable £139.99* – it may sound expensive, but as I use it everyday, I can attest to the fact that it was my absolute number 1 purchase of 2014/15 and highly recommend that you get one too.

*Correct as of 15th November 2016. UK. The UE BOOM 2 is also on offer presently at an unbeatable price of £99.95!

I’m not paid or sponsored by UE Boom for this review and have posted pictures of my own battered boom to prove that I have indeed used it as much as I say I have!  If you have any questions about my ‘Boom’, hit me up in the comments and I’ll answer with my experiences and opinions. I hope this has been useful!

I want to buy it, take me shopping!

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