Posture & Power // Wonderwoman or Superman?

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you’re already off to a flying start. I’ve been setting goals and writing lists all over the place and already seem to have got so much done.

Today I wanted to share this great video to help you well on your way to a confident, powerful 2016!


We already know that ‘good posture’, alignment or balance can help us sound better when we sing: it increases our breathing efficiency and improves our resonance – just for starters.

Maintaining good posture can also reduce body aches and pains in general life. Why is it then, that singers groan at the mention of it, or do it fabulously in lesson time but go home and continue singing exactly in the same old way as they did before?

The answer is simply because of our own habits. We carry ourselves in the way we feel most comfortable or familiar – usually defined by our lifelong habits – so we continue to carry on the same as before, because it’s easy.

In attempt to begin breaking your lifelong habits, I want to give you a reason other than your beautiful singing voice (just in case that isn’t enough!?)  to reconsider your posture, body alignment and body language in life, not just when you’re singing.

This TEDEd with Amy Cuddy (2012) discusses “Power Posing” in order to boost confidence. We could all do with a little lift from time to time, especially before getting up on stage or when embarking on something new – like beginning a new year, starting a new hobby or creating a new project, perhaps?

So here’s the talk from Amy Cuddy. I hope you love it!

Wishing each of you all a confident and wonderful 2016 – I hope you find the best of successes and I’m so looking forward to working with you this year.

Love Kate x

Carney, D et al. (2010) Power Posing 

Cuddy, A et al. (2012) The Benefit of Power Posing… 

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