Silly Thursday Tongue Twisting // “Southport Pleasure Beach”

This is another fabulous yet tricky tongue twister inspired entirely by one of my students describing their visit there recently.

I recall going there once as a very young child and thinking the roller coaster looked enormous: Browsing at photos online now, I realise just how small I must have been!

This tongue twister is easy to muddle up in a variety of different ways. It could break down by by mixing up the sibilant and ‘ch’ sounds, swapping the plosives from /b/ to /p/ and vice versa or simply missing out letters, such as the /l/ in ‘pleasure’.

As usual, start slow until you can say it accurately. Add on repetitions and speed up gradually – keep trying until you master it. Aim for eight times and as fast as you can!

Happy Twisting 😋

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