Confidence Crises

So after witnessing a handful of pre-performance/audition/exam confidence crises this week, I thought I’d share this cringeworthy video with you as a bit of inspiration.

All of us singers have to work hard and practice regularly to improve our voices. It doesn’t matter what level we’re at or what our natural ability is: Not every sound we make is going to sound fabulous every time.

It’s important not to judge your voice – especially during practice. Be thankful for your voice – it’s YOURS and it’s UNIQUE!

Practice WILL help us exceed and succeed. If a practice session wasn’t perfect, use it to your advantage: Work out what wasn’t right and refine those areas to improve it next time you sing it.

Who knows, with some work – maybe it could be you singing (hopefully not badly) on the Jonathan Ross show next!

Wishing you all happy and confident practice: Work hard and achieve great things!

Love Kate

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