Red Holly Berry, Tongue Twister, Voice Coaching

Silly Thursday Tongue Twisting // Red Holly Berry, Yellow Holly Berry

Christmas is just around the corner and anyone who has worked with me during November has already been subjected to this seasonal themed tongue twister.

Start by slowly speaking it through and keep repeating it until there are no mistakes. Four times right through is pretty good.

Move forward from here by twisting up and down a scale changing notes between the red and yellow berries.

Once you can do that – speed it up!

Red Holly Berry, Yellow Holly Berry, Vocalist, Tongue Twister, Festive, Christmas, Sing

Beware though: It’s usually the ‘yellow’ part of the twist that catches people out, eliciting a variety of ‘yellow horry bellies!’

Keep practicing until you can do it without tripping up over the words, this one is an intermediate level twist, so lots of practice required. 🙂

Happy Festive Twisting,

Love Kate xx

PS. For other twists, click here.

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