Singing Workshop with Kate Cubley, Singing Performance, Vocal Technique

PerfTecLy Completed 2017

In March, I began a workshop for vocalists to learn ways to improve singing performance and provide a deeper understanding vocal technique. We had our last session of the course on Wednesday. We all had a tremendous time during the past 10 weeks, working on a multitude of different singing technique and performance ideas. The feedback has unanimously been requesting more sessions to do even more performance! I LOVE that no-one wanted to finish 🙂

“The whole course was enjoyable and I learned something every week.”

The starting experience of the group was very different. Two of the group perform frequently, a couple had never sang in front of a crowd, whereas others used to sing and want to start again. Two have regular voice lessons, five sing in a choir and one of the group had only started singing 6 months ago, so was brand new to it all!

singing lessons, voice workshop, singing technique, performance

Singing “Summertime” in the Rain

“I could not have imagined singing to the group previously but found it very comfortable.”

We started off slowly, introducing ourselves, getting familiar with a variety of song and starting to critique song and performance as well as exploring, sharing (and enjoying!) new genre’s of music.

“An opportunity to meet people and share ideas – I whole-heartedly recommend it.”

Throughout the weeks, anxiety began to wane and confidence began to soar. We enjoyed 5 different masterclass experiences for those who wanted to participate and sing solo in front of the group. Everyone learned so much from these shared sessions – not only listening to a singer perform, but also analysing and discussing our respective ideas of how to change the performance for the better and how we can apply this to our own vocal practice at home.

“I really enjoyed all of this workshop. I have learned a lot.

With a group of just 6 singers, everyone had the opportunity to perform both in the group song and in solo masterclass. We shared our own warm-ups and relaxation exercises and everybody lead the group at some point during the course.

“We were able to all add something – that was very interesting”

singing workshops, crewe, nantwich, vocal performance, vocal technique

Every week had a different theme, building on the work we had done previously and allowing every student to grow at their own pace – depending on their prior experience.

“The material provided was very well researched and never ceased to amaze me. [I] learned more about what goes into being a singer and how the voice works”

The last session culminated in a group performance incorporating many of the techniques and ideas we had learned throughout the 10 weeks. We also enjoyed freshly baked cake (thanks Patsi!) and plenty of cups of tea and coffee.

A unanimous group favourite was the Pukka Ginger, Lemon and Manuka Honey which you can find here: Buy some tasty tea.

“[My] confidence, breathing, pitching and projection have all improved so much.”

I’m thrilled with what a wonderful group this was. Every single group member brought something so important to the group learning experience and I, for one am looking forward to the next PErfTec Course later this year.

Singing Outdoors, Performance Workshop, Singers

“I would recommend this workshop to someone else without doubt. I feel that some people would also benefit from this if they are nervous or have not a lot of confidence”

If you would like to be informed about dates for the next PerfTec Course, please let me know directly or sign up to my mailing list.

“It was fantastic.”


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