Student Singers’ Showcase #AMF2017

Alsager Music Festival was such great success yet again and it was such an honour for us to be invited to perform on the marquee stage once again. I’m SO proud of everyone who sang on Saturday, especially because for most of you it was the first or second time you’ve ever sang publicly!
A huge well done to all the singers who worked so hard on perfecting their songs to perform at the Festival last weekend. It was a wonderful afternoon and I received great feedback about ALL of you!
Everyone was so professional and when technical struggles struck, I was so impressed with your adaptability and capability up there on stage, dealing with the inconsistency of live performance with the subtlety and proficiency of a seasoned performer.
I loved the wide variety of song choices, we moved from soul to pop, from opera to Musical Theatre and back to chart hits again. There was a wonderful energy that every one of you delivered on stage on Saturday- it was a fantastic atmosphere and despite all the nerves beforehand, it’s safe to say that everyone was truly amazing!
I really hope you’re all SO proud of yourselves and that you enjoyed the experience too! If anyone has any photos or videos, please can you PM me and I’ll try to add an image of everyone on-stage later in the week.
Once again, such a huge well done and thanks for being absolutely terrific! I think you’re all absolutely brilliant!!
See you all soon,
Love Kate xx

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