The Voice Geek Conference 2018

April 2018 saw the inaugural Voice Conference hosted by Debbie Winter at Voice Workshop and I was honoured to share my Stealthy Balance research with a wealth of fantastic voice pedagogues at the event.

Kate Cubley Stealthy Balance Voice ResearchThe day was rich in information, knowledge and really incredible new research about the voice, body alignment, singing and the brain, acoustics, science, performance anxiety, psychology, anatomy and physiology. It was a real treat to be there!

Here is the programme from the day – if you haven’t heard of the voice teachers listed below, make sure you look them up because they are each doing some REALLY incredible things to improve singing education for everybody!

Dr Jenevora Williams – ‘From Ivory Towers to Grass Roots: How Research Informs Practice’

Alex Ashworth ‘Dancing Round the Homunculus: Movement in the Brain’

Racheal Owens ‘Singing truthfully in imaginary circumstances: An interdisciplinary approach –  voice and the Meisner technique in Musical Theatre training’

Young Voices Plenary Session. Chaired by Dr Jenevora Williams

Panel: Amelia Carr, Racheal Owens, Janine Magnin, Antonio De Lillis, Jenny Morgan, Amelya Goldy, Beccy Hurrell.

Dane Chalfin ‘Endoscopic Interpretation of Singing Gestures’

Rebecca Moseley Morgan ‘Can anything be done pedagogically to enable the mature female singer to sustain vocal competency and health?’

Key Note Speaker: Ken Bozeman ‘Correlating Sources: Historic Pedagogy, Voice Science, & Innate Response to Expressive Impulse’

Sara Gourlay ‘Singing Rehabilitation: The Singer’s Road to Recovery’

Stephen King ‘To what extent does manual voice therapy positively affect voice training and vocal maintenance of the voice professional?’

Emily Foulkes ‘An exploration into the viability of holistic singing for people suffering with chronic pain’

Deborah Garvey ‘A Proposal for Integrated Voice Techniques in Actor Training’

Carrie Birmingham ‘The Singer’s Auditory Feedback with Consideration of Ear Canal Occlusion and the Potential Manipulation of Jaw Position to Enhance Bone Conduction’

Rachel Meadows ‘Identifying the Effectiveness of Implementing Psychological Skills Training within a Higher Education Music Specialism Institution’

Susan Graham ‘An investigation into the methods for overcoming music performance anxiety’

Ileana di Camillo ‘The Design of a Teaching Strategy to Improve Postural Alignment and Body Awareness in Singers’

Helena McCrisken ‘The Design of a Teaching Methodology to Develop Breath Management Techniques in the Older Female Student’

Kate Cubley ‘The Design and Implementation of a Postural Methodology – Stealthy Balance’

The Future of Vocal Pedagogy: Round Table Session Chaired by Ken Bozeman

Panel: Dr Jane Oakland, Dr Brianna Robertson-Kirkland, Dr Tricia Rooney, Dane Chalfin, Sara Gourlay, Ken Querns, Dan Miller, Dr Jenevora Williams, Juliet Russell.

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