PerfTecly Completed 2018

In March 2018, I relaunched my PerfTec workshop for all vocalists to learn ways to improve singing performance and provide a deeper understanding vocal technique.  During our 10 week course, we have not only been working on a multitude of different singing technique and performance ideas, but have made great friends in the process. We have even discovered how to make fermented cabbage and fresh hummus!

“Anyone who is interested in / involved with singing (solo or choral) would find this course vital in their progress.”

The starting experience of the group was very different. One of the group performs professionally, another gets up at local open mic sessions, two have never sang solo, four are choir members and one used to sing and wanted to start again.

“Now I can do warm ups and all the technical stuff that I never knew before.”

Perftec 2018

“The course was so perfectly delivered. So easy and fun to understand. [I] look forward to every week.”

We started off slowly, introducing ourselves, getting familiar with a variety of song and starting to critique song and performance as well as exploring, sharing (and enjoying!) new genre’s of music.

“It has given me knowledge of my voice and how to use it better”

Throughout the weeks, anxieties relaxed and confidence was boosted. We enjoyed 5 different masterclass experiences for those who wanted to participate and sing solo in front of the group. Everyone learned so much from these shared sessions – not only listening to a singer perform, but also analysing and discussing our respective ideas of how to change the performance for the better and how we can apply this to our own vocal practice at home.

“My performance skills have improved out of all recognition

With a group of just 5 singers, everyone had the opportunity to perform both in the group song and in solo masterclass. We shared our own warm-ups and relaxation exercises and everybody lead the group at some point during the course.

“I improved with confidence and technique in singing”

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Every week had a different theme, building on the work we had done previously and allowing every student to grow at their own pace – depending on their prior experience.

“Anyone who wants to improve their singing abilities should give it a try – it was all beneficial”

The penultimate session culminated in a group performance incorporating many of the techniques and ideas we had learned throughout the 10 weeks. We also enjoyed freshly made hummus and plenty of cups of tea.

“The course was run well and the information given was well researched”

I’m delighted with what this wonderful group achieved. Every single group member brought something so important to the group learning experience and once again I am left enthused and humbled by the connections and developments we have made. I am very much looking forward to PerfTec 2019.

“This was a high quality course delivered extremely professionally – informative, entertaining and motivational / inspirational: Kate communicates her passion and commitment to music / the voice / singing in her workshop.” 

PerfTec 2018 indoors

“I got to discover new music and try new things”

If you would like to be informed about dates for the next PerfTec Course, please let me know directly or sign up to my mailing list.

“Excellent content and presented both with professionalism and kindness!”

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