Singing Workshop with Kate Cubley, Singing Performance, Vocal Technique

PerfTecLy Completed 2017

In March, I began a workshop for vocalists to learn ways to improve singing performance and provide a deeper understanding vocal technique. We had our last session of the course on Wednesday. We all had a tremendous time during the past 10 weeks, working on a multitude of different singing technique and performance ideas. The feedback has unanimously been requesting more sessions … Continue reading PerfTecLy Completed 2017


Kate is a Certified CoreSinging® Teacher. CoreSinging®: A new Vocal Performance Pedagogy, featuring a fusion of performance, technique and therapy in an exciting new approach.  It is combined with a powerful self-development program for teachers and singers. We offer special small group courses and private tuition for voice professionals who wish to be at the forefront of vocal teaching and performing.Featuring support … Continue reading CoreSinging®

Vocal Health // 4 Good Reasons You Should Warm-Up Your Voice

I don't know how many times I have seen Voice Science likened to Sport Science suggesting that singing is similar to sport. Interestingly, it actually is a good likeness and therefore, people need to sit up and take note: We do not expect an athlete to perform well without warming up their muscles first, so why do some people expect the … Continue reading Vocal Health // 4 Good Reasons You Should Warm-Up Your Voice